Volunteer and Get Compensated for Your Time!

Boeson Research is making a difference to the community you love the most. Give back to Missoula by volunteering to help advance our research and get compensated for your efforts!

Why Volunteer?

When you give something, you will always get something in return. At Boeson Research, we value all of our volunteers by providing them with a convenient arrangement, as well as high-value compensation for their participation. 

By volunteering, you’re not only getting compensated, but you’re also giving back as every research that we do will immediately benefit the local community of Missoula. 

Most of all, you’re helping pave the way for the advancement of clinical research that can benefit everyone — including you and your family!

Make a difference while getting compensated for it.

What You Need to Know About Clinical Studies

We don’t conduct clinical studies just for the sake of science. We’re doing this for the goal of helping people live longer and healthier lives. 

Through clinical studies, which involve heroes like you who volunteer to participate in our research, we can better understand how to diagnose, treat, and prevent various diseases and conditions.

What we do is something bigger than ourselves. We’re doing this for a better world and a better future. 

If you want to join our cause, become a volunteer today and make a difference — while getting compensated for it!

What Happens When You Qualify?

Once you qualify as a Boeson Research volunteer, you will go through the following process:

  1. PRE-SCREENING: Initial conversation by phone or in the clinic with a study team member to tell you about the study opportunity.
  2. INFORMED CONSENT: Review and complete a form that explains your rights and obligations as a participant in the study.
  3. SCREENING: Do you meet the basic study requirements? Vitals, labs, medical history, exams, or other procedures may be conducted.
  4. ENROLLMENT & RANDOMIZATION: You are assigned to a treatment course, which could be a placebo. You and your doctor may not know which you receive – study treatment or control palcebo.
  5. STUDY VISITS: These may be days, weeks, or months apart. The study protocol outlines what happens at each visit, such as labs, physical exam, questionnaires, or other tests/procedures.
  6. END OF STUDY TREATMENT: You will discontinue treatment of either the study treatment or the control placebo. You will also discuss your experience up to this point.
  7. FOLLOW-UP PERIOD: The study team may call you, or you may have occasional appointments to assess how you are doing following the study treatment.
  8. COMPLETION: Your participation in the study is complete. Often, you are asked to share your final feelings on the experience to drive improvements.

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, you will be eligible to receive compensation. 

That’s all there is to it! Most of the communication will be done from our team. All you need is to follow simple instructions and you’re all done

What People Say About Us.

The safety and comfort of our volunteers is our topmost priority. To give you a hint at what the entire experience is going to be, here’s what actual volunteers have said about their experience while participating in a study with Boeson Research. 

Everyone on the team was awesome! I really enjoyed my time.

– Samantha Warner

Boeson Research has really great facilities, security, and staff.

– Tyler Shaw

I’ll definitely come back if they ever want me to participate in another research.

– Tyler Shaw

I loved the way the staff was so patient and understanding with me and my baby.

– Tyler Shaw

They had great communication and made sure I understood every step of the way.

– Tyler Shaw

Their place was very clean and tidy. I was very impressed.

– Tyler Shaw

The entire experience was so comfortable, it felt like I was at home.

– Tyler Shaw

I will definitely tell my friends and family about Boeson Research.

– Tyler Shaw

Trusted by over 2000 Happy Volunteers


About Boeson Research

Boeson Research is a privately-owned, multi-specialty clinical research company conducting clinical and observational trials. The company was founded on the guiding principle of making a difference for those that follow. The name “boeson” is of Danish origin and literally means son of farmer or son of life.