Referrals and Compensation

Ethically participate financially in clinical research!


Attention, Providers!

Thank you for your interest in referring patients to our office for possible study participation. We are thrilled to collaborate with you and to complement the care options you offer to your patients with the investigative studies we conduct. Although we are delighted to receive a patient candidate referral from you, we follow strict guidelines on what can and cannot be compensated.

Ethical Reimbursement for Chart Review

Clinical trials are complicated to fill, requiring a thorough understanding of a candidate’s chart. However, chart review is complex, requires a sufficiently high level of medical knowledge, and can consume hours reviewing medical records to determine if a patient meets strict inclusion / exclusion criteria. It is both ethical and in the best interest of Boeson Research to reimburse referring providers for chart review in order to fill a clinical study quickly with quality subjects. Chart review reimbursement rates vary from study to study, based on complexity, and are NOT dependent on actual participation.

Unethical Referral or Finder’s Fees

In accordance with AMA Opinion 6.03 – Fee Splitting: Referral to Health Care Facilities, Boeson Research NEVER pays a ‘finder’s fee’ or ‘referral fee’ for a candidate referral. If you choose to simply share a name with us or send your patient our way, you will have our many thanks and the likely gratitude of your patient – but no payment or promise.

1. Visit with a Recruitment Specialist

Your first step is to meet with a Boeson Research recruitment specialist. They’ll analyze your practice and determine if your patient panel is a good fit for active or upcoming studies. They will also discuss study scopes, expected outcomes, and study-specific chart review reimbursement rates.

2. Know the Participation Criteria

With a good fit study identified that provides value to your patients, your recruitment specialist will train you and your staff on the study details and participation criteria. This training can be refreshed as often as needed to provide ‘study competency’ to your practice.

3. Review Charts, Find Matches

Finally, you and your staff will review the charts of your patients that you feel can benefit from the investigational drug, device, or procedure. With a study-specific criteria checklist, you’ll locate patient candidates to share with your recruitment specialist. Every chart-reviewed, qualified candidate will be reimbursed.

Our Promise to You

Boeson Research will NEVER interfere with your patient/provider relationship. We will always treat you and your staff with the utmost professional respect, including in our discussions or conversations about you. If your patient consents in writing, we will share the clinical study’s medical chart with you. We will be prompt, honest, and thorough in all of our communications with you.