Our Buddy Program!

Refer a friend, earn $50 per qualified referral!*


Help Others

Help others by contributing to medical research.


Early Treatment

Gain access to medical treatments before they are widely available.

Care and Compensation

Paid medical care during the study and compensation for your time and travel.

Boeson Research Buddy Program Referral

Our Buddy Program!

(406) 763-8833

Receive a special bonus by telling your friends and family about clinical research studies. Earn $50 per qualified referral*

To qualify, your friend must:

  • Be new to Boeson Research or have not participated in a Boeson Research clinical trial in the last 12 months.
  • Complete a screening appointment.
  • Let us know that you referred them.

You may take advantage of this program even if you never participate in a study.

Help advance medical research by spreading the word to others!


*Most studies will qualify but some restrictions may apply. This program is intended for the referral of friends or family members only. You may not advertise or make any general solicitations for individuals to participate in a study. Eligibility for the Boeson Research Buddy payment and payment amount will be determined by Boeson Research. Boeson Research at its discretion may change, amend, modify or terminate this referral program at any time without notice.

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